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Traduki in Bulgaria


The opening speech at the ceremony in the Palace of Culture
Dr. Jakub Forst-Battaglia from the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs gave the opening speech at the Sofia Book Fair as part of a TRADUKI visit on 2 December, at the ceremony in the Palace of Culture. The many interesting meetings with Bulgarian publishers were organised by the association of Bulgarian Publishers, as was a TRADUKI presentation at the Book Fair, which was held by Annemarie Türk (KulturKontakt Austria), Dr. Alida Bremer (S. Fischer Foundation) and Dr. Jakub Forst-Battaglia.

International Poetry Festival in Albania


Group discussion with musical background
The international poetry festival Poeteka, the winner of the Cult Academy Award for “the best cultural event of the year”, which took place for the fifth time this year, was sponsored by TRADUKI. Many authors from South-Eastern Europe met up here, as the festival had a regional focus. We joined in at Berat, Durres, Elbasan, and Tirana. Learn more here about this fascinating Albanian poetry festival .

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