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Translator Silvija Hinzmann with the publisher Lojze Wieser
The novel "Ekaterini" by Marija Knežević launched at the Frankfurt Book Fair by Wieser Verlag.

About the book:
Ekaterini, born at the beginning of last century in Thessaloniki, knows her own mind, and as a young girl she discovers her love of brightly coloured cloths and smart clothes, and starts an apprenticeship as a dressmaker.

Otto Tolnai – “Godly Stink”


“Godly Stink” – Book cover
Translated from Hungarian into German, with an afterword by Zsuzsanna Gahse.

Cover text:
"A country Orpheus", is how Otto Tolnai often describes himself in his poems. He loudly sings the melody of his home country in Vojvodina, the bareness of its landscape, its village inhabitants.

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