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Бдин, Американси поеми

478 hristov bdinIn his poetry collections from 2004 and 2013, called Бдин [Bdin] and Американски поеми [American Poems], Ivan Hristov takes the reader on a stroll through the little town of Vidin, on the outer edges of north-west Bulgaria. The name of the town used to be Bdin during the Middle Ages, when it was still the capital of the then kingdom. In this way he takes us on a journey through Bulgaria's history and its present. He also takes the reader on a trip through today's America, where he, together with his wife, the US-American translator Angela Rodel, lived for many years, and which he looked and measured up and down on his various travels there.

Poetry books Бдин [Bdin] and Американски поеми [American Poems] by Ivan Hristov have been translated into Romanian (excerpt) by Lora Nenkovska and Claudiu Komartin, and published together as one publication under the title Bdin, urmat de Poeme americane by Casa de Editură Max Blecher in Bistriţa.

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