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Barać, Nebojša


Nebojša Barać, born in 1973 in Buenos Aires, was raised bilingually as the child of a diplomatic family in Switzerland and Austria, and now lives in Belgrade. He has  worked as an editor at Zlatni Zmaj publishing company and as a freelance translator for many years. He is a member of the Association of Specialist and Academic Translators of Serbia. His translations include G. Meyrink (Der Uhrmacher), J. Böhme (Vom übersinnlichen Leben) [The Supersenual Life], E. Jünger (Feuer und Blut), A. Dornbrach (Der Zauber der Derwischflöte) and L. Riefenstahl (Memoiren) [A Memoir] and he has also translated Nizami from German (Die sieben Geschichten der sieben Prinzessinnen, Leila und Madschnun) [The Story of Layla and Majnun], Al Ghazali (Das Elixier der Glückseligkeit) [The Alchemy of Happiness] and Ibn Arabi (Wer sich selbst kennt...) [Whoso Knoweth Himself].

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