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Bestattung eines Hundes

399 pletzinger bestattung eines hundesThomas Pletzinger's wonderful debut novel paints a picture of a generation torn between love, an urge for freedom, and responsibility. There's the ethnologist going through a crisis, the children's book author with a bestseller and a ruin at Lake Lugano on his hands, the Finnish doctor, a small boy without a father, a mysterious friend, a dying dog, and a hidden manuscript: from it all Thomas Pletzinger weaves a suspenseful yet wildly funny and touching story. Bestattung eines Hundes (Funeral for a Dog) talks about of the thirtysomethings of today, who have been to many places in the world, without ever feeling anywhere at home, who have tried many things, without ever finding their true vocation, who have made big plans and now have to scour for small solutions. The old tale about the longing for happiness and love, Thomas Pletzinger finds a new way to tell it, with an eye for detail, linguistic subtlety, and atmosphere rich prose.

The novel Bestattung eines Hundes (title of the English translation: Funeral for a Dog) by Thomas Pletzinger has been translated into Serbian (excerpt) by Bojana Denić and published under the title Sahrana jednog psa by Rende in Belgrade.



473 nenadic dorotejDorotej [Dorotej], the debut novel of the Serbian writer and novelist Dobrilo Nenadić, became, upon its publication in the year 1977, an instant classic and one of the most successful novels in Serbia. Since then it has been reprinted and republished many a times and translated into many different languages. In 1981 the novel also got made into a film. The novel's story takes place during the Middle Ages in Serbia and tells of the fight for power, of the people's sorrows and its courage and valour, and of the love between the monk Dorotej and the wife of the seigneur Lauš, a love, that eventually has a tragic ending.

Dorotej [Dorotej] by Dobrilo Nenadić has been translated into Macedonian (excerpt) by  Dimitar Baševski and published under the title Доротеј by Slovo in Skopje.



474 bernhard mrazA medicine student takes on the assignment to observe the art painter Strauch, who lives in isolation up high in the mountains, in a little hamlet called Weng. In his notes he writes down Strauch's monologues and visions, until he slowly comes to realise that this encounter, which he thought he could take on and manage, utterly and completely over-whelms him.

Frost by Thomas Bernhard has been translated into Croatian (excerpt) by Ana Pranjković Karas and published under the title Mraz by Meandar Media in Zagreb.


Restaurant Dalmatia

468 marinic restoranMia has finally fulfilled her dreams and goals: In Canada she got her breakthrough as a photographer. But regardless of the first honours and accolades, which catapult her into the heart of the art scene, happiness still holds out. Instead, Mia feels as if she were still just treading water. Raphael, her big true love, convinces her to come on a trip to Berlin – the city she grew up in. As a young girl, she was the happiest in one specific place: the Restaurant Dalmatia that belongs to her Aunt Zora in Wedding. Mia now returns to this place, and her homecoming becomes a journey into the past, to the West Berlin of the transition era after the fall of the Berlin Wall, and to Croatia, the land of her parents.

Restaurant Dalmatia [Restaurant Dalmatia] by Jagoda Marinić has been translated into Croatian (excerpt) by Romana Perečinec and published under the title Restoran Dalmacija by Hena com in Zagreb.


Pristojan život: lezbejske kratke priče sa prostora Ex Yu

463 barzut pristojan zivotThe book represents a collection of lesbian short-stories by female authors from the countries of the former Yugoslavia. The Serbian original edition encompasses 42 stories by 21 authors from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Slovenia, and was published by the Belgrade organisation Labris. A selection of these stories were compiled together with additional contributions from Macedonian female writers and published together in this book in Macedonia.

Pristojan život: lezbejske kratke priče sa prostora Ex Yu [Decent Life: Lesbian Short-Stories from the Region of the Former Yugoslavia], edited by Dragoslava Barzut, translated into Macedonian (excerpt) by Nikolina Andova Šopova and Dragana Evtimova, and published under the title Пристоен живот: Лезбејски кратки раскази од просторот на Екс Ју by Templum in Skopje.

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