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Gekaufte Zeit. Die vertagte Krise des demokratischen Kapitalismus

557 streeck zeitIn his much debated Adorno lectures in Frankfurt, Wolfgang Streeck exposes the roots of current financial, fiscal, and economic crises, describing them as the factor of the long neoliberal transformation of the postwar capitalism. He analyses the four decades long tension between democracy and capitalism and the resulting conflicts. He examines also the remodelling of the European state system and discusses the outlooks of the recovery of social and economic stability.

Gekaufte Zeit. Die vertagte Krise des demokratischen Kapitalismus (published in English as Buying Time: The Delayed Crisis of Democratic Capitalism) by Wolfgang Streeck has been translated to Bulgarian (excerpt) by Borjana Alexandrova and Stilyan Yotov and published under the title Купено време. Отложената криза на демократичния капитализъм by KX – Critique and Humanism in Sofia.


Beschleunigung. Die Veränderung der Zeitstrukturen in der Moderne

477 rosa beschleunigungThe book attempts for the very first time to systematically determine and measure the ever more increasing acceleration of societal relations, as for example in the latest political and digital acceleration wave known under the term 'globalisation', and to analyse the figures in respect to their cultural and structural causes as well as their impact on the individual and collective way of leading one's life. Rosa establishes the thesis that the initially positive, liberating, and empowering effects of modern social acceleration, which go hand in hand with the technical acceleration in transportation, communication, and production, are, in the late modern age, threatening to overturn these positive effects into their complete opposites. Individually and collectively the perception of time and history is changing: Instead of a one-way forward-motion, the perception of it nowadays, is of a virtually static and locked-in, inactive spiral of development.

Beschleunigung. Die Veränderung der Zeitstrukturen in der Moderne [Acceleration. The Change of Temporal Structures in the Modern Age] by Hartmut Rosa has been translated into Bulgarian (excerpt) by Svetla Marinova and published under the title Ускоряаване. Промяната на времевите структури в модерността by KX – Critique and Humanism in Sofia.


Paradigmen zu einer Metaphorologie

476 blumenberg paradigmenMetaphors have a history in a more radical sense than terms do, since the historical changes of metaphors bring to light the meta kinetics of historical horizons of meaning and perspectives, in which the terms experience their own modifications. By way of this relation of implication, the relationship between metaphorology and the history of concepts is one of subservience: metaphorology seeks to get to the substructure of thinking, to reach the underground layers, the growth medium of systematic crystallisation, but it also wants to make tangible with what 'courage' the mind in its images is one step ahead of itself, and how this courage to make assumptions creates the mind's own history.

The book Paradigmen zu einer Metaphorologie (title of the English translation: Paradigms for a Metaphorology) by Hans Blumenberg has been translated into Bulgarian (excerpt) by Nina Nikolova and published under the title Парадигми към една метафорология by KX - Critique & Humanism in Sofia.


Du mußt dein Leben ändern

469 sloterdijk svoj zivotIn his manifesto for a broadening of the field of practice and agency for each and every individual as well as society, Peter Sloterdijk formulates a fundamental and fundamentally new anthropology. The core idea of his science of humanity is informed by his realisation that everything human is created through self-agency and self-creation. A human's activities inevitably affect and influence the human being itself: work affects the worker, communication affects the communicator, feelings affect the person who feels … It is the humans practising most wholeheartedly, who embody this sort of existence in its truest form: farmers, workers, warriors, writers, yogis, orators, virtuoso musicians, or models. Their practice schedules, their biggest achievements, and their greatest performances are all collected inside this book and weaved together into an entertaining and instructive read about the practice it takes to be a human being. 

Du mußt dein Leben ändern (title of the English translation: You Must Change Your Life) by Peter Sloterdijk has been translated into Croatian (excerpt) by Kiril Miladinov and published under the title Svoj život promijeniti moraš by Sandorf in Zagreb.


Allgemeine Theorie der Normen

466 kelsen opca teorija normiThe Croatian translation of this book was funded by TRADUKI. A book description will be available here as soon as possible.

The book Allgemeine Theorie der Normen (General Theory of Norms) by Hans Kelsen was translated into Croatian (excerpt) by Kiril Miladinov and was published under the title Opća teorija normi by Naklada Breza in Zagreb.

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