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Wie ich Papa die Angst vor Fremden nahm

479 schami wie ich papa

The little daughter no longer understands her daddy. He is big and strong and almost knows how to do anything, but nevertheless he is afraid of strangers. The little girl's friend Banja comes from Tanzania, but her daddy doesn't know that. What if she simply takes him to Banja's birthday party, where all her relatives will be present?

Wie ich Papa die Angst vor Fremden nahm [How I Freed Daddy From His Fear of Strangers] by  Rafik Rafik Schami and the illustrator Ole Könnecke, has been translated into Slovene (excerpt) by Tina Mahkota and published under the title Kako se je pogumni očka nehal bati tujcev by Založba Zala in Lesce.


Alle da! Unser kunterbuntes Leben

480 tuckermann vsi tukajSamira arrived on a boat and a truck from Africa. Amad misses his football friends from Iraq, but because of the war, he had to leave the country. Now he scores goals with his new friends in Düsseldorf. Dilara was born in Berlin, but speaks fluent Turkish and loves to celebrate the festival of sugar. Her family arrived years ago from Anatolia, because there was a lot of work to be found in Germany. We all come from somewhere else, if one goes back long enough in time and history. Now we all live together in the same place. This can be exciting but sometimes also difficult. In any case, life becomes more colourful when people from all four corners of the world and all walks of life come together.

Alle da! Unser kunterbuntes Leben [Everyone's Here! Our Colourful Life] by Anja Tuckermann and the illustrator Tine Schulz, was translated into Slovene (excerpt) by Tina Mahkota and published under the title Vsi tukaj, vsi skupaj! by Založba Zala in Lesce.


Rico, Oskar und die Tieferschatten

435 steinhoefel rico...

The youth novel Rico, Oskar und die Tieferschatten (title of the English translation: The Spaghetti Detectives) by Andreas Steinhöfel has been translated into Romanian (excerpt) by Monica Grigore and published under the title Rico şi Oskar – umbrele misterioase by Editura Allfa in Bucharest. It has been translated into Serbian (excerpt) by Spomenka Krajčević and published under the title Riko, Oskar i tajanstvene senke by Odiseja in Belgrade.


Die Kinder aus Nr. 67, Band 1

440 tetznerLisa Tetzner’s great youth Odyssey begins in 1931 in Berlin in a large tenant-occupied house, in which children who live there are as thick as thieves – even though they argue and play tricks on one another all the time. The heads of the gang are Erwin Brackmann, whom they call Night Sky because of his freckles, and his friend Paul Richter, who makes a really bad thing with bread rolls and milk – but luckily it all ends well. We read how the kids from the back courtyard buy a football with really hard-earned money but they almost land in prison for that. And we read how the boys, contrary to their principles, accept into their gang a fine girl from the front-house. The girl’s name is Mirjam and with her and Erwin as leaders of the gang, the kids have the best of times in the back courtyard of the building nr. 67.

Die Kinder aus Nr. 67, Band 1: Erwin und Paul / Das Mädchen aus dem Vorderhaus [Children from House Nr. 67: Erwin and Paul / The Girl from the Front-House] by Lisa Tetzner has been translated to Slovenian (excerpt) by Ana Jasmina Oseban and published under the title Otroci iz hiše št. 67 by Sodobnost International in Ljubljana.


Anton taucht ab

409 baisch antonWe admit, a camping holiday with grandma and grandpa is not the coolest thing. But only when Anton realizes that there is no swimming pool but just a LAKE, the holiday becomes a TOTAL disaster. To go cannonball or to dive headfirst like all other kids? In this sludge? No way! Being condemned to spending days alone dying of boredom, Anton makes a acquaintance of a special kind – with a fish! And thus begins a holiday adventure that Anton couldn’t have imagined in his wildest dreams …

The youth novel Anton taucht ab [Anton Dives] by Milena Baisch has been translated to Serbian (excerpt) by Emina Peruničić and published under the title Anton Roni by Booking Knjige in Belgrade.

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