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Die rot-grünen Jahre

Fischer, Joschka .

fischer die rot gruenen jahreThe political memoirs of the German Foreign Minister and of Vice-Chancellor Joschka Fischer in the years of the Red-Green coalition. German foreign policy in times of upheavals in world politics following 11th September, between inner-political reform policy and party political crises and controversies.

Die rot-grünen Jahre.  Deutsche Außenpolitik – vom Kosovo bis zum 11. September
[The Red-Green Years. German Foreign Policy – from Kosovo to 11th September] by Joschka Fischer has been translated into Slovenian (excerpt) by Maksimiljan Fras under the title Rdeče-zelena leta. Prelomni dogodki od vojne na Kosovu do 11. Septembra, published by Didakta, Radovljica.

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