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Novi anđeo

Benjamin, Walter.


The New Angel is the first book of this two book series that is dedicated to Walter Benjamin at Izdanja Antibarbarus. By the end of this year the second book will be published. In these two books selected essays and writings of this great German author will be puslished, many of them for the first time in the Croatian language.

Volume 1: The New Angel


On Franz Kafka - At the Building of the Great Chinese Wall - Letter to Gerschom Scholem


On Hashish - Autoportraits of a Dreamer - To the Planetarium -  Surrealism - Central Park - Thesis on the Philosophy of History - Theological-Political Fragment - Gerschom Scholem, Walter Benjamin and his Angel

Volume 2: The Faces of the Melancholy

One-Way Street - Berlin Childhood around 1900 - Images of cities

Novi anđeo was translated into Croatian by Snješka Knežević, and published by Izdanja Antibarbarus, Zagreb.

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