Kod Alberta

Čolić, Velibor.

colic_albert In Velibor Colic's writing you can find his Bosnian roots, but also  French cosmopolitism. Alberto's bar at Poe station, in the fictional city Narseille, somewhere between Sarajevo, Dubrovnik and Marseille, is the place where losers and the  generous homeless meet.

The war and death are from the beginnig announced as something that will occur later, a catastrophe that marks the fate of "The children from Bahnhof Poe" in a brutal and tragic way. They all hang around  in the bar, where they listen to jazz and rock, quote Majakowski, Baudlaire and Bukowski, in a neighbourhood of strangers, lonesomes and loonies, a grotesque company of alcoholics, junkies, sick persons, impostors and whores of all races and nations. Sometimes they sound like Tom Waits, and occasionally they strip to "White Rabbit", their fates are often bizarre, to the limit of the fantastic, but their "Zone of dusk" is their last aslyum for all the things that war brougt to this city.

Colic starts his questioning on the surface and gets to the essential question of good and bad, his obscure bar at the Narseille station is a theme song, enough to evoke "The apostles? of the forever lost western paradise"

Kod Alberta [At Alberto’s] by Velibor Čolić has been translated to German (excerpt) by Alida Bremer and published under the title Bei Alberto by Erata in Leipzig.

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