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The outsider Boris, falls under suspicion for an allegedly planned attack at the Embassy of the United States of America in Zagreb. He gets involved in a network of politics, police and media through Mladen Folo, an unwilling chief of a shady department for cultural terrorism, the sensation- seeking journalist Dragoner and the police informer Marchrabbit. Later they find Marchrabbit dead in the mens’ cloakroom of  a bar, but the police show no interest in the case. Folo meets the stripper Zana, who holds a letter that Marchrabbit wrote. Folo becomes curious, and his investigation leads him to the crime milieu of Zagreb...

The Players is an anti-detctive novel about a corrupted society, that is marked by Popovic's thrilling and humorous narration style. The novel became reality: the newest mafia murders in Croatia happened as described in the prophetic scenario of The Players.

The Players (Igrači) was translated into German by Alida Bremer, and published by Voland & Quist, Dresen.

Reviews: Deutschlandradio, WeltOnline, Tagesspiegel i Kulturempfehlungen.

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