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Pjesme divljih ptica

Karić, Enes .

183 karic pjesmeThe novel Pjesme divljih ptica is set at the end of the 16th century in Sarajevo and Bosnia. At that time the Ottoman Empire experienced several defeats by the combined armies of European forces. This subsequently resulted in religious radicalism and social change, which has left its mark on the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina until this day. Through their relationships with one another and their own, intimate perception of time and space, the characters of the novel recreate a picture of a past, historic epoch, yet their symbolic significance also speaks loudly and clearly of today: intrigues, religious and ethnic conflicts and conspiracies form the life of the people and their connection with the region, in which they live.

The novel Pjesme divljih ptica [The Songs of the Wild Birds] by Enes Karić has been translated into Slovenian (excerpt) by Andrej Jaklič under the title Pesmi divjih ptic, published by Študentska založba, Ljubljana.

Beginning of the lyric series tradukita poezio

28_tradukitaIn 2010, in cooperation with the publishing house Edition Korrespondenzen, TRADUKI initiated the poetry series tradukita poezio in order to present distinguished poets from Southeast Europe in their first translations to German. All books in the series are superbly translated and carefully edited bilingual editions.

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