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Mehr Meer

Rakusa, Ilma.

191 rakusa mehr meerA childhood and youth in Central Europe, when this Central Europe was just being shaped with its political and cultural contours after the Second World War – in her memories Ilma Rakusa traces the young girl, the daughter of a Slovenian father and a Hungarian mother, whose stopping points in life range from a Slovakian small town to Budapest, Ljubljana, Trieste to Zurich and from there extending further to East and West, to Leningrad/Petersburg and Paris. The woman who was everywhere alien, not-quite-belonging finds her home very early on in music, in piano-playing and, with the discovery of Dostoyevsky, in literature, but also in motion, in being on the road, in travelling.

The novel Mehr Meer [More Sea] by Ilma Rakusa has been translated into Slovenian (excerpt) by Amalija Maček under the title Morje modro moje, published by Študentska založba, Ljubljana.

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