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Kroz pustinju i prašinu

Tešin, Srđan.

208 tesin pustinja

The grandfather had already gone afar. As a fireman he sailed the world’s oceans on a tanker, until after his adventurous life, he unexpectedly returned to the north Serbian town, where he was born, in which it soon becomes too cramped for the grandson and first-person narrator. Everything in this book revolves around travelling, starting from the first family holiday on the Adriatic Sea – in concentric circles, which become increasingly distant from the starting point. It is firstly measured with points in the Bosnian cities of Sarajevo, Bihać and Mostar of the Yugoslavia, which is soon supposed to stop existing. The deeper the country sinks into the quagmire of corrupt warmongers and war profiteers, the more irresistible becomes the impulse to break out: the journey to Vienna goes via Novi Sad, Budapest and Szegedin. Finally, the last journey goes to North Africa, flying over the Mediterranean, which the grandfather had once sailed across. Like his story, so too does that of the grandson find its temporary end in the town, from where he started.

The novel Kroz pustinju i prašinu by Srđan Tešin has been translated into German (excerpt) by Elena Messner under the title Durch Wüste und Staub [Through Dust and Desert], published by Drava, Klagenfurt.

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