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Albahari, David.

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Who is the writer of the mysterious letter, which has suddenly caused everything to go haywire? Filip, who lives alone in a cramped flat and calls himself a loser in his memoirs, asks himself this. Is the sender a deceiver or, in fact, the brother lost in Argentina, whom Filip has suspected nothing about until now? A meeting in the "Brioni" is supposed to solve this mystery. However, Filip’s former local is no longer recognisable, just like his whole life will soon no longer be. Previously, after the death of his parents and sister, he got drunk here on innumerable evenings amongst gruff waiters and taciturn cronies. It is difficult to think of those days in the now completely different atmosphere, especially when the assumed brother appears.
The Balkans have changed and yet have remained frighteningly the same, as the great Serbian novelist, David Albahari, makes clear with this fantastic reunion. A painful parable, a brilliant literary search for identity full of black humour.

The novel Brat [Brothers] by David Albahari has been translated into Bulgarian (excerpt) by Rada Sharlandzhieva under the title Братът, published by Panorama, Sofia.

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