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Menadžment umetnosti u turbulentnim okolnostima

D. Šešić, Milena;Dragojević, Sanjin.

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Textbook and manual at the same time, this work represents a fundamental contribution to the theory and practice of cultural management in South East Europe. The authors adjust the theoretical and practical tools derived from Anglo-Saxon theory to the circumstances in the region. In particular, they are concerned about developing a theoretical system that can be applied each time in practice, if it comes to turbulences in the political and social environment.

Menadžment umetnosti u turbulentnim okolnostima [Art Management in Turbulent Circumstances] by Milena Dragićević-Šešić and Sanjin Dragojević, has been translated into Macedonian (excerpt) by Robert Alagjozovski under the title Менаџмент на уметноста во турбулентно опкружување, published by Goten Publishing, Skopje.

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