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Портокал и друга куќа

Burazer, Diana.

200 burazer protokal

This book contains the poems of two volumes of poetry by the Croatian poet Diana Burazer: Naranča [Orange] und Druga kuća [Another House]. The title Naranča is indicative of the verses gathered in this volume: everyday life gets another dimension in the poems. For example, we buy oranges by the kilo in the supermarket and eat them without a second thought. But in Burazer’s poems they are metaphors for childhood and love.

The poems from the volumes Naranča [Orange] und Druga kuća [Another House] by Diana Burazer have been translated into Macedonian (excerpt) by Vladimir Cvetkoski under the title Портокал и друга куќа, published by Makavej, Skopje.

Beginning of the lyric series tradukita poezio

28_tradukitaIn 2010, in cooperation with the publishing house Edition Korrespondenzen, TRADUKI initiated the poetry series tradukita poezio in order to present distinguished poets from Southeast Europe in their first translations to German. All books in the series are superbly translated and carefully edited bilingual editions.

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