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Religion nach der Aufklärung

Lübbe, Hermann.

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”This is, it’s hardly necessary to say it again, one of the few absolutely important philosophical books of recent years. [...] It goes well beyond the religious theme: a philosophical analysis of our current culture, the spiritual situation of present time. It is a book that claims the legacy of the Age of Enlightenment, after successful Enlightenment: decidedly - and pleasantly unpolemically - against postmodernism and critical about the myths of the half and still uncompleted Enlightenment. Enlightenment is something that must be preserved. The immediate question is why, contrary to all predictions, religion does not disappear after the Enlightenment. The goal is to demonstrate the necessity of the conditions of religion, which are resistant to all progress of Enlightenment, and to thereby conceive it [...] This is a book that should be read by the historians who are vexed with the last two centuries of European history. It paves the way in the thicket, it opens up completely new perspectives.” (Thomas Nipperdey in the German historical journal “Historische Zeitschrift”).

Religion nach der Aufklärung [Religion after the Enlightenment] by Hermann Lübbe has been translated into Serbian (excerpt) by Slobodan Damnjanović under the title Religija posle prosvetiteljstva, published by Albatros Plus, Belgrade.

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