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Theorie der Unbildung

Liessmann, Konrad Paul.

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What does the knowledge society know? Who will be the winner of the television show “Who wants to be a Millionaire”? Really the one who knows the most? Knowledge and education are, it is said, the most important resources of resource-poor Europe. Despite that, the debates about the poor quality of schools and the poor conditions for studying - catchword PISA study! - have captured today’s front pages. In his highly topical book the Viennese philosopher Konrad Paul Liessmann unmasks much of what is being promoted under the title of knowledge society, as a rhetorical gesture: it’s less about the idea of education, and more about substantial political and economic interests, he says. A spellbinding polemic pamphlet against the evil spirit of the time.

Theorie der Unbildung [The Theory of Ignorance] by Konrad Paul Liessmann has been translated into Macedonian (excerpt) by Bisera Anastasova under the title Теорија на необразованието, published by Templum, Skopje.

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