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Bijeli klaun

Miloš, Damir.

218 milos klovn

Bijeli klaun [The White Clown] is often called the Croatian "Little Prince". The boy in the novel is unable to distinguish colours, which is a big problem for him. In the forest, he meets an old man, with whom he not only discusses questions about colours, but also questions that are to do with perception and life in general. The boy discovers for himself that he does not want to be a funny colourful clown like his parents, but a sad white clown who wants to make people wonder and ponder. A philosophical novel for children, which deals with universal themes without specific references to time and location.

The novel for young adults, Bijeli klaun [The White Clown] by Damir Miloš has been translated into Macedonian (excerpt) by Kalina Bunevska Isakovska under the title Белиот кловн, published by Blesok, Skopje.

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