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Monotheismus und die Sprache der Gewalt

Assmann, Jan.

assmann-monotheismusGiven the current world situation, which is characterised by a previously unknown and unexpected scale of violence claiming to be endorsed by God and holy scriptures, the Egyptologist and cultural philosopher Jan Assmann sets out to find the links between a propensity for violence and monotheistic religions. This predisposition to violence, with the help of quotations from the Old Testament, leads the author back particularly to the exclusivity of a single God, along with the repeatedly conjured image of a jealous, angry, punitive God. Even if there is a link between the concept of exclusive possession of the truth and the violence of the language, Assmann argues that violence does not represent a necessary, inherent consequence of monotheism. Rather the violence derives from the political pressure from which monotheism wants to free the individual.

Monotheismus und die Sprache der Gewalt [Monotheism and the Language of Violence] by Jan Assmann has been translated into Serbian (excerpt) by Dejan Aničić under the title  Monoteizam i nasilje, published by Karpos, Loznica and translated into Romanian (excerpt) by Maria-Magdalena Anghelescu under the title Monoteismul şi limbajul violenţei, published by Editura Tact, Cluj-Napoca.

Reviews: Vreme (Karpos), Peščanik

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