Verirren. Anleitung für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene

Passig, Kathrin;Scholz, Aleks .

211 verirrenGetting lost has no good reputation. We believe it is dangerous, time-consuming and embarrassing – and in times of GPS and Google Maps very much unnecessary. But getting lost is one of the oldest cultural techniques of the mankind and has many advantageous consequences: without getting lost, Columbus would never have reached America, Hansel und Gretel wouldn’t have outwitted the witch, and we would only have few interesting holiday stories to tell. In an intelligent and witty manner, Kathrin Passig and Aleks Scholz show that getting lost makes us smarter, richer and happier – and sometimes even gets us faster to where we are going.

The book Verirren. Anleitung für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene [Getting Lost. A Guide for Beginners and Advanced Users] by Kathrin Passig and Aleks Scholz has been translated to Croatian (excerpt) by Nataša Medved under the title Izgubiti se. Priručnik za početnike i napredne, published by OceanMore, Zagreb.