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Vor Taschendieben wird gewarnt

Welsh, Renate.

220 welsh taschendiebePercy has really no talent for pickpocketing. He was even thrown out of the pickpocketing school! He gets nauseous only at the thought of taking something away from someone. Not even private lessons from her mother are of any help. When he can get away from this, he visits Mrs. Morris and walks her dog. And he feels great in his new school. But then one day it happens: Percy is kidnapped by three men who are trying to persuade him into a burglary. Will it go well? And who are these men anyway? A witty and suspenseful children’s novel by a well-known Austrian writer.

The book Vor Taschendieben wird gewarnt [Beware of Pickpockets] by Renate Welsh has been translated into Slovenian (excerpt) by Ana Grmek under the title Pozor, žeparji!, published by eBesede, Ljubljana.


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