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Đorđević, Mira


Dr. Mira Đorđević, born in 1939 in Zagreb, studied German and English Language and Literature in Sarajevo. After post-graduate studies in Belgrade and study residences in Berlin and Freiburg she gained her Ph.D. at the University of Zagreb. From 1963-1974 she worked at the University of Sarajevo as Assistant Professor of German Literature. From 1974 she taught there as Associate Professor and from 1978 as Professor. From 1993-1998 she was a grant holder and employee at the German Literary Archive in Marbach. After her return she built up the Department of German in Sarajevo again and continued her teaching work until 2006. Mira Đorđević has published two scientific books and numerous essays and papers. She has translated Walter Benjamin and Ernst Tugendhat from German, as well as essays, papers, radio plays and fiction. In 2004 she received the Austrian Honorary Cross for Science and Art, 1st Class.

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