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Die Albaner. Eine Geschichte zwischen Orient und Okzident

Schmitt, Oliver Jens.

232 schmittThe „Albanian question”, the future of Kosovo, occupies the European politics. Why does it regularly come to violent conflicts? What role in the conflicts plays the Albanian state that was founded in 1912 after the fall of the Ottoman Empire but only includes something over the half of the total Albanian population? And what importance bears the fact that Albanians are the biggest Muslim nation in Europe?

For the first time, this book depicts the history of all Albanians in Southeast Europe, in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Greece. For many years, Albania was isolated from the rest of the world under the dictatorship of Enver Hohxha. Since 2008, there have been two countries, Albania and Kosovo, in which the majority is Albanian, and both countries have similar political and economic problems. More and more Albanians ask themselves the question where do they belong: to Islamic Orient or European Occident?

Die Albaner. Eine Geschichte zwischen Orient und Okzident [Albanians. A history between Orient and Occident] by Jens Oliver Schmitt has been translated to Albanian (excerpt) by Ardian Klosi under the title Shqiptarët. Një histori midis Lindje dhe Perëndimit, published by K&B, Tirana.

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