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Suljić - Boškailo, Bisera


Bisera Suljić-Boškailo, born in 1965 in Tutin (Serbia), is a Bosnian-Herzogovinian writer. She has published the novels Goli OtokLa PerlaPešter, Bilija, the poetry volumes Vilino Kolo, Vilino kolo i druge ljubavi and the monograph, Thomas Mann na svojim izvorima. She has received several awards for her work as a lyricist, including the Antun Branko Šimić Award. In 2009 Bilija was awarded the prize for the best unpublished novel in Serbia. Bisera Suljić-Boškailo studied Serbo-Croatian Language and Literature in Sarajevo and Mostar and German Language and Literature in Eichstatt. Her translations include works by Michael Krüger, Bodo Schäfer and Paul Maar and she obtained her Ph.D. in German Language and Literature. Bisera Suljić-Boškailo lives in Ingolstadt and Novi Pazar, where she is Holder of the Chair for German Language and Literature studies at the International University.

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