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Mirna ulica, drvored

Gašić, Nada.

238 gasicIn the night of 20th August, someone murdered Emanuel Pongračić, a recovered PTDS patient, in a particularly gruesome way: a Ray Ban frame was bored through his eye into his brain. But this is only the beginning of a series of deaths in a quiet, tree lined street. Nada Gašić’s debut novel portrays residents of this street and draws a portrait of Zagreb – a city that is urbanely varied and provincially excluding, hypocritical and cruel.

The novel Mirna ulica, drvored by Nada Gašić has been translated to Macedonian (excerpt) by Lenče Toseva under the title Мирна улица, дрворед, published by Makedonska reč, Skopje.

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