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Die aufschimmernde Nachtseite. Kreativität und Offenbarung in den Naturwissenschaften

Fischer, Ernst Peter.

fischer_nachtseiteHow was Kepler so sure of himself, long before his revolutionary astronomy could be proven? Why was Goethe “instinctively” unconvinced by Newton’s theory of colour? What drove Einstein to his fiery rejection of the concept of complementarity? How did Pauling suddenly reach the realisation of biological large molecules? Was it a mystical experience that gave Heisenberg the insight into his mathematical formulae for atomic theory?
Original researchers often experience this kind of sudden breakthrough in knowledge. They often experience new insights in an extremely “irrational” way, via intuition or revulsion. But questions are rarely asked about where this kind of creativity springs from.
Ernst Peter Fischer digs into some of the most amazing examples from the history of scientific discovery. The central one: the discussions between the genius physicist Wolfgang Pauli and C. G. Jung, on the path to regaining emotional insights on researching the unity of nature.

The illuminating dark side. Creativity and revelation in science will be published shortly in a Boris Perić’s Croatian translation by Naklada Ljevak, Zagreb.

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