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Si le soleil ne revenait pas

Ramuz, Charles Ferdinand.

242 ramuzThe old Anzévui, a herbalist and a wise man, based on what he had found in the old books predicts the final doom for April 13th. Even in normal years, during the six winter months not one sunbeam shines on the village situated high over the Rhone valley on its northern side. In this year, everything speaks in favour of the wise man’s prophecy: day and night, an impenetrable fog cloud hangs over the village. Daylight seems gone. Villagers are in mortal fear after these prophecies and apocalyptic mood. Everyone prepares in their own way for their final days. Only few young persons have the vigour to withstand the despair and hopelessness.

The novel Si le soleil ne revenait pas [If the sun never returns] by Charles Ferdinand Ramuz has been translated to Albanian (excerpt) by Donika Omari under the title Sikur të mos lindë më dielli, published by Elena Gjika, Tirana.

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