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Zielpunkt Europa

Petritsch, Wolfgang.

253 zielpunkt europaAlthough the book documents the efforts of the author aimed at reconciliation of the former Yugoslavian space and his support for a unified Europe, the book is much more that. It documents Petritsch’s successful mission for the release of Bosnian Guantanamo prisoners, as well as his cross-examination before the war crimes tribunal in The Hague, where he was questioned by Milošević himself. The image of a notable homo politicus and a strident intellectual is rounded up by personal reflections about several key players in the Balkans, about victims and perpetrators in this last European conflict of the 20th century, but also about Peter Handke and their common homeland, Carinthia.

Zielpunkt Europa [Arrival Point Europe] by Wolfgang Petritsch has been translated to Croatian (excerpt) by Sead Muhamedagić under the title Odredište Europa, published by Modo Fac, Zagreb.

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