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Ljubić, Nicol.

252 ljubicRobert loves Ana, and Ana loves Robert. But something comes between them that Ana cannot talk about. Something has happened back there, in the Yugoslav War when she was a little girl. An unresolved guilt of her father that haunts her even far away from her home, in Berlin. The Serbian war criminal Zlatko Šimić is being trialed in The Hague. Robert sits in the auditorium and tries to get an impression of the man about whom Ana talked so lovingly. How can this man be guilty of a devilish crime in which 42 people agonizingly burned to death? Born in Germany, Robert never had never given much thought on his Croatian ancestry until he met Ana one day, a student from Serbia. His love for her takes him on a journey into the history of his family and his nation.

The novel Meeresstille (title of the English translation: Stillness of the Sea) by Nicol Ljubić has been translated to Bosnian (Leseprobe) by Mirsad Maglajac under the title Bonaca je tuga, published by Connectum, Sarajevo.

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