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Die Habenichtse

Hacker, Katharina.

245 hackerIsabelle and Jakob meet after long years on September 11, 2001, at a party in Berlin. They fall in love, marry and get the chance to move to London. They have everything that a young successful couple needs – but they remain empty-handed anyway. They watch longingly and helplessly how their life is thrown out of the joints. Jakob is fascinated with his boss, Isabelle with Jim, the dealer. The hidden streams of love and violence begin to surface and the victim is the neighbour kid Sara. Katharina Hacker recounts masterly how world affairs can change the course of individual lives and how the inability of making decisions and lack of empathy violently collides with the desire for existential experience. She tells the story of thirtysomethings who have all the possibilities and freedom to act as they want but cannot protect themselves or other people around them from misery.

The novel Die Habenichtse (title of the English translation: The Have-Nots) by Katharina Hacker has been translated to Albanian (excerpt) by Elda Boriçi under the title Mjeranët, published by Besa, Tirana.

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