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Mit Jakob wurde alles anders

Boie, Kirsten.

256 boieNele ist twelve and falls in love for the first time. With Oliver, a boy from her class. But he seems to notice nothing. And Nele is quite sure that Oliver loves her too. One simply feels such things, and feelings don’t lie. But Nele has another problem that doesn’t start with an O but with a J – J as Jakob. Since Jakob has been born, nothing is as it used to be at home anymore. Gussi feels neglected while Mum and Dad swapped their roles. Nele feels really embarrassed: sure, there are mothers who have careers in other families too, but fathers who do housekeeping?

Mit Jakob wurde alles anders (Jakob Changed Everything) by Kirsten Boie has been translated to Macedonian (excerpt) by Zorica Nikolovska under the title Со раѓањето на Јакоб сѐ се смени, published by Ikona, Skopje.

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