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Filozof igra nogomet

Žmegač, Viktor.

257 zmegacThis volume contains a selection of essays on very serious topics, written by the Croatian literary and musical scholar Viktor Žmegač in a casual and narrative tone without going into professorial lecturing. The starting point of an essay is mostly an event from the daily life of the author, a book that he has just read, a graffiti on the wall or something similar. In an elegant literary style jumps Žmegač from topic to topic and displays his intellect and scholarship in an entertaining and unpretentious way.

The book of essays Filozof igra nogomet [Philosopher Plays Football] by Viktor Žmegač has been translated to Macedonian (excerpt) by Vangel Nonevski under the title Филозофот игра фудбол, published by Ili-ili, Skopje.

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