Skarabej in vestalka

Lainšček, Feri.

264 lainscekKarla Marchlewska, born to Polish parents who live as refugees in the United States, suffers from the loss of ethnic identity and from the divorce of her parents. She embarks on a painful, almost pathological journey to find the meaning of life. During her quest, she gets caught in the clutches of a mysterious cult. The so-called soul thieves use her for medical and technological experiments aimed at controlling the human soul. It is her doctor Guy Labriola who frees Karla out of her situation using a psychoanalytical method. Together they flee to Europe where she is hiding in several monasteries. There, here story begins to interweave with the story of Njo, a girl from mythical prehistory. Njo is Karla’s mirror image and suddenly it becomes clear that they are both driven by the same force: love.

The novel Skarabej in vestalka [The Scarabaeus and the Vestal Virgin] by Feri Lainšček has been translated to Croatian (excerpt) by Željko Perović under the title Skarabej i vestalka, published by Meandar, Zagreb.