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Minenfeld Balkan. Der unruhige Hinterhof Europas

Ihlau, Olaf; Mayr, Walter.

261 minenefeld balkanIn their book, Walter Mayr and Olaf Ihlau write about the Balkans, describe the life of people and illustrate what happens if the still present old enmities flare up again. After the break-up of Yugoslavia and subsequent wars, the Pandora’s Box of the Balkans threatens to open once again. Strategic interests and interference of foreign powers, for example of traditional rivals USA and Russia, can cause new tensions. Additionally, the organized crime bands of the Western Balkans and their drug, weapons, and human trafficking can become a serious challenge for the security of the European Union.

Minenfeld Balkan. Der unruhige Hinterhof Europas by Olaf Ihlau and Walter Mayr has been translated to Bulagrian (excerpt) by Totka Ivanova Monova under the title Балканите – минно поле. Размирният заден двор на Европа, published by Paradox, Sofia.

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