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Der Turm: Geschichte aus einem versunkenen Land

Tellkamp, Uwe.

270 tellkamp der turmHome concerts, reading, intellectual exchange: the mansion district in Dresden, through the real-life socialism covered in gray dust of decay, becomes more and more isolated. Resignedly but with humor comment the people the decline of the social system that actually did not find any place for middle class intellectuals. In epic language, extensive affectionate and dramatic scenes outlines Uwe Tellkamp a monumental panorama of the sinking GDR in which members of three generations, some constitutively, others powerlessly, steer towards the revolution of 1989 that will tear down the Tower.

The novel Der Turm: Geschichte aus einem versunkenen Land [The Tower - Tale from a Sunken Country] by Uwe Tellkamp has been translated to Romanian (excerpt) by Vasile V. Poenaru under the title Turnul: Istorisiri dintr-o ţară scufundată, published by Curtea Veche, Bukarest.

Interview of the translator with Uwe Tellkamp (published in Aurora-Magazin, Romanian translation publihed in Dilema Veche)

Reviews: Allgemeine Deutsche Zeitung für Rumänien (ADZ), Zeitschrift der Germanisten Rumäniens (ZGR)

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