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Derviš i smrt

Selimović, Meša.

281 dervisThe pious Sheikh Ahmed Nurudin lives peacefully and secludedly in a dervish’ monastery in the Ottoman province of Bosnia until he learns that the Ottoman ruler imprisoned his brother Harun. Without any success he tries to free his innocent brother, only to find himself in the claws of the Ottoman legal system. In numerous internal monologues deliberates the dervish on the questions of power and rebellion, loyalty and treason, life and dogma. The novel earned its author Meša Selimović several Nobel Prize nominations.

Derviš i smrt (title of the English translation: Death and the Dervish) by Meša Selimović has been translated to Bulgarian (excerpt) by Zhela Georgieva under the title Дервишът и смъртта, published by Black Flamingo Publishing, Sofia.

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