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Verdammt starke Liebe – eine wahre Geschichte

van Dijk, Lutz.

283 van dijk verdammt starke liebeStefan is fourteen years old when Germany attacks Poland in the summer of 1939, by which his life is turned upside down. He has always been a good student but he is not allowed to go to school anymore. His father has been taken to Germany as a forced labourer. Two years and a half later, his family fights for nothing more than mere survival. He meets Willi, a German soldier who is barely older than himself. It is love at first sight for both of them – but love between men is forbidden in the National Socialist ideology. In spite of the terrific danger that their relationship would mean to both of them they take the risk.

Verdammt starke Liebe – eine wahre Geschichte (title of the English translation: Damned Strong Love: The True Story of Willi G. and Stefan K.) by Lutz van Dijk has been translated to Bulgarian (excerpt) by Vladko Murdarov under the title Прокълната любов, published by Black Flamingo Publishing, Sofia.

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