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Das Handwerk der Freiheit

Bieri, Peter (Mercier, Pascal).

284 bieri das handwerk der freiheitWhat does it mean to be free? Is there an absolute freedom of the will? The philosopher Peter Bieri presents various, most diverse answers to the question as if on stage: in short scenes, again and again modified, he presents seemingly imperative ideas of freedom and enmeshes them so long in contradictions that in the end the principles of a real freedom get revealed.

Das Handwerk der Freiheit. Über die Entdeckung des eigenen Willens [The Craft of Freedom: On the Discovery of the Self-Will] by Peter Bieri has been translated to Bosnian (excerpt) by Sulejman Bosto under the Title Zanat slobode. O otkriću vlastite volje, published by the publishing company Šahinpašić, Sarajevo.

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