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Boie, Kirsten.

287 boie skoglandA land full of secrets and a game that suddenly is no longer a game. Of all people, the shy Jarven makes it to the final round in the casting for a new film. The final decision on who will get the leading role will be made in Skogland. But there is a surprise waiting for Jarven: At a reception, she is supposed to pretend to be Malena, the princess of Skogland. And then, things start to happen that make Jarven realize she is only a figure in a malicious plan. Can she help Malena and the young Joas to break the conspiracy? It is a matter of life and death …

Skogland by Kirsten Boie has been translated to Croatian (excerpt) by Nataša Medved under the title Skogland, published by Algoritam, Zagreb.

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