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Gnosis und Christentum

Markschies, Christoph.

291 markschies gnosisGnosticism is up to the present day one of the most attractive religious beliefs. At the same time, its origins and its development in the antiquity remain controversial. Christoph Markschies presents in this book some of his newest studies written in a popular language. He deals with the central question of what are the functions of the extensive mythological narrations in Gnostic texts, why Gnostics used picture books and why philosophers of religion were and are so fascinated by the movement. Markschies sees in Gnosticism the first attempt at a Christian religious philosophy that had failed due to inner systemic problems but was able to stage this failure to such an extent that it became unusually successful as a religion and survived up to today.

Gnosis und Christentum [Gnosticism and Christianity] by Christoph Markschies has been translated to Croatian (excerpt) by Alen Kristić under the title Gnoza i kršćanstvo, published by Ex Libris, Rijeka


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