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Cartea şoaptelor

Vosganian, Varujan.

292 vosganian buch des fluesternsVarujan Vosganian spreads out in front of us a finely woven carpet of stories and characters. In Foçsani, a town in Romanian province, the paths of Armenian people driven out of their homeland seem to cross: there is Sahag, whom his mother sold for a bag of flour, and Siruni, whom the Russians deported to Siberia. And there is the grandfather Garabet who wisely holds together the thread of this terrible but still wonderful saga. A foreign and distant world full of fantastic stories and of tragic history – the destiny of the Armenian people as an epochal novel.

Cartea şoaptelor [Book of Whispers] by Varujan Vosganian has been translated to German (excerpt) by Ernest Wichner under the title Buch des Flüsterns, published by Paul Zsolnay Verlag, Vienna.

Review: Die Presse

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