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Geschichte der Schweiz

Maissen, Thomas.

279 maissen geschichteIn this concise History of Switzerland, the well-known Swiss historian Thomas Maissen gives us the long needed new overview of the topic. He uses the newest research findings and presents them in a fluent style to describe the development of the Old Swiss Confederation, its extraordinary continuity but also its numerous fracture lines up to the most recent history. The prevailing interpretation of the Swiss history was controversial in Switzerland during the last years, and was questioned many times from outside as well. This book, however, presents the most the most accurate and up to date information, all scientifically supported. Written in an understandable language, this book offers an overview of the current political system in Switzerland, as well as of its weaknesses and opportunities that are rooted in Swiss history.

The book Geschichte der Schweiz [The History of Switzerland] by Thomas Maissen has been translated to Albanian (excerpt) by Genc Lafe under the title Historia e Zvicrës, published by Dituria, Tirana.

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