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Heldensuche. Die Geschichte des Soldaten, der nicht töten wollte

Martens, Michael.

306 martensIn the middle of World War II in July 1941, in a town near Belgrade, a German solder refuses to execute partisans caught by the Wehrmacht, and is then executed himself. Several witnesses saw that and the disobedient German soldier Josef Schulz becomes a people’s hero in the post-war Yugoslavia. Why nobody in Germany knows about this unique event? Martens reconstructed an incredible story of which the death of Schulz is only the beginning and which took him over half of Europe to Vienna, Berlin, Brussels and from the past to the present day. At the end it becomes clear that the incident was anything but unknown – but it was a myth.

The nonfiction book Heldensuche. Die Geschichte des Soldaten, der nicht töten wollte [The Search for the Hero. The Story of a Soldier Who Didn't Want to Kill] by Michael Martens has been translated to Serbian (excerpt) by Maja Anastasijević together with Jana Meyer Kristic under the title U potrazi za junakom. Priča o vojniku koji nije hteo da ubije, published by Clio, Belgrade.

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