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Wer ist wir? Deutschland und seine Muslime

Kermani, Navid.

301 kermani wer ist wirWithout giving any special thought on this phenomenon, Germany has become a land of immigrants. With the people came also a new religion: Islam. In his new book, the writer and specialist in the Middle East and oriental studies Navid Kermani writes in a very personal way about his life as a child of Iranian parents in Germany and about his experiences as a member of the German Islam Conference. He once again proved to be a precise observer, sharp analyst and powerful narrator.

Wer ist wir? Deutschland und seine Muslime [Who is we? Germany and ist Moslems] by Navid Kermani has been translated to Serbian (excerpt) by Jelena Kostić-Tomović under the title Ko smo mi? Nemačka i njeni muslimani, published by Samizdat B92, Belgrade.

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