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Das Jahrhundert verstehen. Eine universalhistorische Deutung

Diner, Dan.

304 dinerIf one would like to understand the 20th century, it is not enough to ask about the events alone; it is not enough just to tell the sequence of incidents. Rather, it is much more about the interpretation of its basic features. The historian Dan Diner, known for his numerous discourses and papers as well as books on topics such as national socialism and remembrance, the history of international relations, and the Palestine question, undertakes in his book To Understand a Century a universal historical attempt to interpret the events that affected us all. The far-reaching consequences of WWI, the independence of Poland, the question of centrality of mass extermination and genocide, the comparison between Stalinism and National Socialism, the Cold War as the era of neutralization: Dan Diner reconstructs the century by establishing references that remained hidden until now and by suggesting new interpretations. 

The non-fiction book Das Jahrhundert verstehen. Eine universalhistorische Deutung [To Understand a Century – A Universal Historical Interpretation] by Dan Diner has been translated to Croatian (excerpt) by Sead Muhamedagić under the title Razumjeti stoljeće. Općepovijesno tumačenje, published by Fraktura, Zagreb.

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