Don Juan (erzählt von ihm selbst)

Handke, Peter.

296 handkePeter Handke lets Don Juan tell his story himself, seven days long in a garden in spring, near Port-Royal-des-Champs, and only rarely we read a comment of a person to whom Don Juan speaks about his adventures of the past seven days. This listener attests that all Don Juans on the television, in opera, in theatre, but also in the “primary life”, are false. “Don Juan is different. I saw him as someone who was faithful – a quintessence of faithfulness.” That does not mean that the stories with women are left out, on the contrary: at every station of his journey, he meets women with whom he can, energetically grieving, take time to look inward and immerse in the time in which one moment and the eternity become one.

Don Juan – (erzählt von ihm selbst) (title of the English translation: Don Juan: His Own Version) by Peter Handke has been translated to Macedonian (excerpt) by Iva Fidancheva under the title Дон Жуан (раскажано од него самиот), published by Magor, Skopje.