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Der satanarchäolügenialkohöllische Wunschpunsch

Ende, Michael .

319 ende wunschpunschNew Year’s Eve. The secret sorcerer Beelzebub Preposteror and the witch Tyrannia Vampirella have a problem: they agreed to perform a certain number of evil deeds each year but they failed to meet the requirement. And it’s almost midnight! Only an extremely evil plan can help them now… 

Der satanarchäolügenialkohöllische Wunschpunsch (title of the English translation: The Night of Wishes: Or the Satanarchaeolidealcohellish Notion Potion) by Michael Ende has been translated to Romanian (excerpt) by Nora Iuga under the title Satanarheologenialcooligocenul Punci cu porunci, published by the publishing house Arthur, Bucharest.

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