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Hydra des Zorns / Hidra e mllefit

Beqiri, Shaip.

316 beqiri hydraShaip Beqiri’s first poetry book was published in 1976. From the start on, his poetry breaks with the tradition of petrification of his precursors whose lyric of falling silent was inclined to lapidary solidification. Instead, his poetry speaks – with economically used literary devices, though – through gloomy images and free metaphors, which made the semiofficial literary critics of his country to earmark him as a “surrealist”. Shaip Beqiri does not limit his poetry on the traditional collective topics of his nation (Kosovo and the fortunes of the Albanian peoples) but articulates particularly personal and universal topics and sensitivities. He has preserved the uniqueness of his poetical language until the present day. He is a classic of the Albanian modernism. The book of poetry Hydra des Zorns / Hidra e mllefit consists of poems that he wrote after his emigration to Switzerland as well as pieces that he wrote in Kosovo.

The bilingual book of poetry Hydra des Zorns / Hidra e mllefit by Shaip Beqiri has been published by Limmat Verlag, Zürich. The German translation (excerpt) was made by Hans-Joachim Lanksch.

Beginning of the lyric series tradukita poezio

28_tradukitaIn 2010, in cooperation with the publishing house Edition Korrespondenzen, TRADUKI initiated the poetry series tradukita poezio in order to present distinguished poets from Southeast Europe in their first translations to German. All books in the series are superbly translated and carefully edited bilingual editions.

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